Computer Science Department : Activities

Description of Event : Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Technical Quiz Competition to mark the Engineer’s day. The response from the students was overwhelming, with a total strength of 240 participating in the event. There were 3 rounds – an objective test, a puzzle round and the final audio-video buzzer round. The participants were short listed after every round and the top 6 were selected for the final round. After an exciting, nail-biting final round, Harsh Chandel (MECH Sem V) was crowned the winner. Udit Kumar Sahu (CSE Sem I) and Manisha Sahu (CSE Sem V) walked away with the prizes for the first and second runners-up respectively. The winners were given cash prizes along with certificates.

Event Held on : 14th & 15th Sep 2015

Event Held on : AV Room

No. of Participants : 240

Coordinators : Dihori Lal, Ravindra Nath, Garima, Mukesh Paikra, Ajitesh Gupta, Rahul Choudhary, Ganram Sahu

S.No. Department/Event Date Guest/Students (Details) Topic/Details
CSE & MCA Department Events
1 Two days Android workshop 31st Mar and 1st Apr 2015 Mr. Umesh Kejriwal Android workshop
2 Guest Lecture 9th Apr 2015 Lecture by Mr. Girish Bhoyar Computer Networks
3 Alumni meet 21st Feb, 2015 Alumni meet Experiences and Guidance by Seniors to their juniors
4 Departmental Farewell to Final year Students 16th May, 2015 Final year students and Departmental faculty members Sharing of experiences and confessions by final year students
5 University Chess competition - Mr. Naveen Soni Represented college and won 2nd prize in University Chess competition
6 University Table Tennis competition - Ms. Karuna Araday Represented college in University Table Tennis competition
7 University Volley Ball competition - Ms. Saundarya Netam Represented college in University Volley Ball competition
8 University Football competition - Mr. Ranjeet Bhaskar Represented college in University Football competition
Other Events
9 Students went to IIT Kanpur 17th to 24th Mar 2015 - Android Workshop/Ethical Hacking
10 Students went to IIT Delhi 17th to 21st Apr 2015 - For Next Level Competition(Android App. Workshop)
11 University Dance competition - Ms. Karuna, Ms. Divya, Ms. Asma Khan, Ms. Pallavi, Ms. Arpita, Mr. Rahul, Mr. Kunal Represented college at MMCET and bagged 3rd position in University Dance competition
12 University Essay Competition - Mr. Ajitesh Gupta Represented college at zonal round by winning 2nd prize in University essay competition
13 IIT, Kanpur 17th to 24th Mar 2015 Mr. Yogendra Jaiswal Got Best participant prize in Ethical hacking workshop
14 Quiz Competition (Hamar 36garh) 26th Feb 2015 Ms. Nazia Khatoon Secured First position in Quiz Competition (Hamar 36garh)

Description of Event : Two day workshop on Android application development was organized on 31st March and 1st April 2015 by both EEE and CSE&MCA department, Mr. Umang Kejriwal was the resource person, 94 students were attended the workshop, 8 students were from Rungta, Raipur and BIT, Raipur. Out f 94 students 40 students were selected for the next level of contest which was held at IIT, Delhi.

Organized for : CSE, MCA, EEE and ETE students

Event Held on : 31st Mar and 1st Apr 2015

Time : 09:30 am to 04:00 pm

Venue : Computer Lab(Vasudev Sadan)

No. of Participants : 94

Name of Event Incharge : Mr. Deepak Shrivastava

Name of Student Coordinators : Mr. Hemant Verma

Description of Event : Alumni meet started by giving a very warm welcome to Alumni by final year students and faculty members. Alumni shared their experiences and gave tips to their juniors. Everybody was delighted to be the part of the event. Alumni promised that they will come to college to attend Alumni meet every year.

Organized for : Pass out students and final year students (MCA and CSE)

Event Held on : 21st Feb 2015

No. of Participants : 27 Alumni and 8th Semester Students and MCA Students

Name of Event Incharge : Ms. Bindu Roshan and Ms. Ropal Lakhwani

Name of Student Coordinators : Mr. Hemant Verma, Ms. Poonam Motwani, Ms. Monika Dash

Description of Event : Departmental farewell was organized on 16th May 2015, by departmental faculty members. Students were very happy as it was a surprise for them; they got a platform to share their feelings. Faculty was also very happy to see the cheerful faces of their students but it was a mixed feeling as it was the last day of that batch in the college. The function ended by giving token of love and blessing as memento to the students.

Organized for : Final year students

Event Held on : 16th May 2015

No. of Participants : 8th Semester Students(53)

Name of Event Incharge : CSE Faculty

Description of Event : Guest Lecture on "Future Prospects for Computer Engineers" was organized on 20th August, 2015 by the department, for CSE and MCA students. Mr. Abhishek Bisen, Software Developer, Cognizant Technologies Ltd., Bangalore. An aluminus of DIMAT, Mr. Abhishek spoke on the path to be taken by the aspirants for getting into multi-national companies. He elaborated on areas like resume writing, group discussions and interview process. He also stressed on the importance of strengthening the basic concepts. According to him, it is more important to have one or two specific areas of interest rather than having shallow knowledge about many things. Citing various examples, he proved his point that the programming languages like C and C++ always come handy. During the end of session he also addressed the queries by the participants. The session on the whole was quite informative and useful for the students who are eyeing to get placed in MNCs.

Organized for : CSE and MCA students

Event Held on : 20th Aug 2015

Time : 2:20 pm to 4:00 pm

Venue : A/V Room Block no. 1

No. of Participants : 25

Name of Event Incharge : Ms. Bindu Xavier, Ms. Roopal Lakhwani

Description of Event : Orientation Programme was organized on 7th July 2015 by the department, for CSE and MCA students. Dr. Aloke Chakravarty, Managing Director, Del, Dr. Shakti Nair, Vice Principal, DIMAT, Departmental faculty members and the students were present for the programme. The Master of the ceremony Prof. Roopal Lakhwani gave the welcome note. Departmental Head, Prof. Preeti Tuli welcomed students to fresh session and introduced the faculty members along with the subjects they are going to handle for this academic session. She also briefed the students about the rules and regulations, Academic Calendar, Events’ Schedule, various activities planned etc. Dr. Aloke Chakravarty, in his address, stressed on the importance of attending lectures and how lectures can be the source of inspiration and guiding light for them. By citing various examples and incidents, he conveyed the message that every student can become a leader by following some tested practices. Ms. Shweta Bajaj, In-charge, T&P wing, DIMAT, who was also present on the occasion, spoke about employability of the students and urged them to prepare themselves to be employable so that they can attract lucrative jobs. She also explained Placement Activities of the institute and the processes involved. Prof. Manoj Singh explained the procedure of how the project work should be carried out by the students. Prof. Somesh Dewangan discussed about the intricacies of industrial visits and educational tours. Information regarding Teacher-Guardianship, SIP presentations, Clubs and other co-curricular activities, GATE preparation sessions, class tests and attendance were given to the students by various faculty members. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Roopal Lakhwani.

Organized for : CSE and MCA students

Event Held on : 7th July 2015

Time : 11:00 am to 02:00 pm

Venue : A/V Room Block no. 1

No. of Participants : 75

Name of Event Incharge : Ms. Sanjeevani Shantaiya and Ms. Preeti Tuli

List of faculties doing Ph.D.

S.No. Name Status University
1 Ms. Bindu Xavier Ph.D.(R) Nagpur University
2 Ms. Sanjivani Shantaiya Ph.D.(R) CVRU, Bilaspur
3 Mr. Somesh Dewangan Ph.D.(P) Nagpur University
4 Mr. Akash Wanjari Ph.D.(P) Nagpur University
5 Ms. Kanchan Kashyap Ph.D.(R) IITDM, Jabalpur
6 Mr. Biju Thankachan Ph.D.(R) Finland

List of Workshop Attended by various Faculties

S.No. Name Institute Name Incorporation Status Start Date End Date
1 Preeti Tuli Manit Bhopal Government 30/6/2014 4/7/2014
2 Sarita Sharma SSIPMT, Raipur Private 10/7/2014 20/7/2014
3 Madhu Ahuja SSIPMT, Raipur Private 10/8/2014 20/7/2015
4 Preeti Soni Columbia, Raipur Private 15/5/2014 15/5/2015
5 Madhu Ahuja Columbia, Raipur Private 15/5/2014 15/5/2015
6 Sanjivani Shantaiya NIT, Durgapur Government 16/6/214 20/6/2014
7 Somesh Dewangan NITTR, Chandigarh Government 17/5/2014 24/5/2014
8 Somesh Dewangan NIT, Rourkela Government 2013 2013
9 Manoj Singh SSIPMT, Raipur Government Jun-13 Jun-13
10 Bindu Xavior IIT Bhubaneshwar Government 23/2/2011 27/2/2011

Ms. Ruhy Khanam faculty of CSE is University Topper in M. Tech. (CSE).

S.No. Event Date Description/Participants
1 Orientation/ Introduction of CSE 3rd to 5th Semester Students(Senior student Mentor activity) 22nd Aug, 2014 5th sem students will conduct some in-house (discuss about technical topic)activity for 3rd sem students
2 C/C++ coding contest 30th Aug, 2014 Level:1-multiple choice questions
Level:2-Programming Question
3 Teachers Day Celebration 5th Sep, 2014 Teacher's day celebration at departmental level.
4 Debate competition Topic : "Should colleges teach Computer Science student courses on Hacking" 13th Sep, 2014 Debate competition to be conducted on prescribed topic.
5 Techno Quiz 15th sep, 2014 All Semester of CSE+MCA
6 Departmental Picnic 22nd Nov, 2014 Departmental Picnic

All the Toppers from MCA got more than 80% of marks

Result Summary MCA 5th sem Nov- Dec 2014

Overall Result
No. of Students Appeared 15 60% Students got Honors 60%
No. of Students Pass 15
No. of Students Failed 0
Honors(9 students got more than 75% marks, i.e. 60% Students ) 9
Pass % 100%

Result Summary MCA III sem Nov- Dec 2014

Overall Result
No. of Students Appeared 5
No. of Students Pass 3
No. of Students Failed 2
Pass % 60%

Result Summary MCA III sem Nov- Dec 2014

Overall Result
No. of Students Appeared 10
No. of Students Pass 4
No. of Students Failed 6
Pass % 40%

Result Summary BE 7th Semester April- May 2014

Overall Result
No. of Students Appeared 49
No. of Students Pass 42
No. of Students Failed 7
Pass % 85.71%

Result Summary BE 6th Semester April- May 2014

Overall Result
No. of Students Appeared 53
No. of Students Pass 35
No. of Students Failed 18
Pass % 66.037736%

Result Summary BE 4th Semester April- May 2014

Overall Result
No. of Students Appeared 52
No. of Students Pass 21
No. of Students Failed 31
Pass % 40.384 %

Other Academic achievements

  • Ms. Sumitra Samal student of M.Tech. (Information Security) is university topper.
  • Ms. Sunita Napit student of CSE department is selected in Infosys Training organised by CSVTU for first Batch. This selection is done on merit basis.

Co-curricular Achievements

S.No. Event Winners
1 C/C++ coding contest First :
  • Ajitesh Gupta (CSE III)
  • Chandrakanta Koshariya (CSE VII)
  • Yuvraj Verma (MCA I)
Second :
  • Mukesh Singh Rajput(CSE III)
  • Rahul Choudhary (CSE III)
  • Shivshankar Chakravarty (CSE III)
  • Neha Rani (CSE III)
  • Ankita Sahu (CSE VII)
  • Anekant Jain (CSE VII)
  • Kinjal Nathwani(CSE VII)
  • Pankaj Mishra (MCA V)
2 Debate competition
Topic : "Should colleges teach Computer Science student courses on Hacking"
  • 1st position: Mr. Hemant Verma - 7th CSE
  • 2nd position: Ms.Priya Pandey - 5th MCA
  • 3rd position: Mr. Ajitesh Gupta - 3rd CSE
3 Techno Quiz
  • 1st position: Ravi Vishwakarma - VII CSE
  • 2nd position: Gaurav Dalela - VII CSE
  • 3rd position: Suman Chandrakar - VII CSE

Students sports achievements

Students of CSE department Ms. Saudarya Netam and Mr. Ranjeet Bhaskar represented college at university level in various team games.