Seminar Hall

The beautiful piece of architecture can be seen in the first floor of Bhagirathi Bhawan of the campus. "The Seminar Hall" is being used for the purpose of "CEO Lecture Series", Speech by Industrialists, Stage shows & Dramas, for watching movies which inspires students and gives them the idea to put theory into practice. Our Seminar Hall is equipped with latest state of the art. Dolby sound 5.1. Surround sound Movie Projector Drama Sound System Drop Down Screen & High End Cameras. Also the Seminar Hall is being used for Web Casting (Lectures through internet), Video Conferencing and online lectures. Some of the specification of the systems used in the Seminar Hall is listed below :

  • Latest High End Projectors.
  • Feedback Destroyer Sound Equipment for control.
  • Digital Echo Sound Equipment for control.
  • DVD Recorder.
  • Fully Air-conditioned.
  • Seating capacity for 240 participants.
  • In-direct yellow lights for dramatic mood, shalogen scallop lights for wall illuminations, SRGB lights for stage illuminations.
  • Moving heads as follow light and for dramatic effects.