Cafe & Refreshment


Chillz the multi-cuisine restaurant started serving the needs of students started in the year 2009.
It is the most famous hangout of the students. Chillz caters to satisfy the pallets of the students coming from different parts of the country to study at DIMAT. Students can not only enjoy good food here but can also party with friends while enjoying friendship and meet students pursuing different courses.

CDH (Central Dining Hall)

The majestic Central Dining Hall is situated near the boys’ hostel. A well balanced vegetarian food is served here. It can house more than 700 students at a time. Its kitchen caters to 2000 persons every day. Hygiene and cleanliness are the keywords here. Students’ health and nutrition is kept in mind while preparing menu; so that nourishment is provided to the young minds.
The institute provides healthy environment in CDH and makes sure that quality food is served at reasonable price. It also helps the students refresh themselves with snack in order to always keep them alive and active.

H2O The Cafeteria

The cafeteria H2O started in the year 2007 where light snacks and beverages are served. The cafeteria H2O is situated near the classrooms, where a quick bite snack can be taken both by students and faculty members.
While having tea or coffee, looking out of the window onto the lush green lawns of the institute helps in refreshing minds.