"Fitted with the best, designed to be among the finest "

En suit with the latest of ultra modern facilities, DIMAT is spread over 14 acres of lush green lands and currently boasts of 6,00,000 sq. feet of built-up-area.

It is one of the most reputed educational institutes in Central India. The campus is geared to take in and houses, students, in an environment that is active, equipped and offers all privileges to excel.

  • Video Conferencing facilities for one to one interview and corporate meeting.
  • Audio Visual room equipped with multi media centre, projector & smart board.
  • Nature active board with wi-fi enable campus capable to transmit online teaching to students on laptop.
  • Seminar Hall has a capacity to accommodate 240 persons with 2 projectors, 2 cameras, web conferencing, web cast, smart board with 5.1 dolby sound system, surround sound, movie theatre that can handle a dance drama performance.
  • IT infrastructure owns co-located servers, in house servers, thin clients, thick clients, 32 computer labs and on house software development team designing study, multi media centre and much more.
  • Surveillance system Campus is equipped with 430 colour cameras to monitor activities going on in every corner of the campus.
  • The Amphitheatre is located at the centre of the institute building which can accommodate arround 1500 students at a time. Most of the Events of the institute viz Republic Day Celebration, Independence Day Celebration, Inter Society Competition, Founder's Day Celebration, etc are organised in the amphitheatre.
  • Central Dining Hall with a capacity of holding 1200 students at a time seating arrangement made with stainless steel fitted category, water treatment equivalent to mineral water .
  • H2O As the name suggest ,H20 is the cafeteria where one can relax with a cup of tea or coffee with light snacks.
  • Chillz is the place where students flock to have refreshment. They all seem to love to impart the sumptuous food available in a nica and tastful interiors.
  • Solar Energy park Non-conventional sources of energy is the watch word today. Instead of using fossil fuels, we must look into usage of various forms of non-conventional sources of energy.

Disha has taken an initiative into it by setting up a Solar Energy Park in the campus. This Park has been developed as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Natural Resources; under the supervision of Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA) Raipur. This has been done to create an awareness about non-conventional sources of energy among students and through them, the society at large. The park consists of a Zero Energy building, where solar energy is used for all purposes. Students perform experiments to learn how solar energy can be converted into heat, electrical and mechanical energy. One such experiment is to produce distilled water with the use of solar energy.

Future plan for the Park is to develop the Park into state level testing centre for Solar Energy Equipments.

  • Water Recycling Plant Like conventional sources of energy, potable water too is on the verge of extinguishing. We must learn to use water wisely. Another such endeavour by Disha is to show how waste water can be utilized for different purposes. The waste water is collected, refined and re harvested to be used for irrigation.