Research Programs

Disha Academy of Research and Education (DARE) is a modest attempt to facilitate the attainment of the destined goals by providing world class research, development, consultancy and extension services; since education is an integral part of the envisaged development. DARE has adopted innovations in education as a significant part of its activity.

Holism, ambition, networking and realism are integral parts of the DARE philosophy. In view of the limited infrastructure and available world class manpower, networking is the only approach to excellence. DARE networks as far as possible with experts and organizations in the DISHA family and outside it. The networking is mostly informal based on DARE's extensive contacts.

DARE's memorandum of understanding with IIT's Former Professors and Alumni Association for Excellence in Education (IITFPAAEE) has turned out to be a powerful tool for networking. IITFPAAEE is able to provide experts to DARE from its vast pool of scientists, engineers and management experts, who are not only eminent but also relatively easily available, on account of their having retired from active service: these experts also make the infrastructure and in-service expertise in eminent organizations, available to DARE.

DARE has considerable research activity as has sponsored projects listed below from member of government agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, CGCOST as CREDA. Some projects in pipleine too.

Sponsor Project Title Period Amount in Rs. (lacs)
ISRO Electron Rich Dusty Plasmas 2008-11 18.02
DRDO Organoselenium Substituted Macroacyclic ans Cyclic Ligands: New and Versatile Multisite Ligands for the Assembly of Mono and Multimetallic System 2007-09 17.17(completed)
DRDO Selenium Bearing Unsymmetrical Macroacycil and Macrocyclic Ligands : Synthesis and Reactivity. 2008-11  
DRDO Design and Development of Monodispersed Metal Chalcogenide Nanomaterials via Single Source Molecular Precursors for Optoelectronic Applications 2010-12  
CGCOST Organochalcogen Substituted macroacyclic Ligands : Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity 2009-11  
CGCOST Enhancement of the Elastico Mechanoluminescence of
CaSrAl2Si2O8 : Eu2+ phosphors by Partial Sr2+ substitution for Ca2+
2010-12 2.00 (in Progress)
CREDA Solar Park 2008 6.599

With the infrastructure and expertise in the DISHA family and the unusual networking, available to DARE (in terms of infrastructure and expertise) the scope of the services is very wide; any needed problems/ services are certainly worth our getting involved in.

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